Hibiscus Coast Municipality Contact Number: 039 312 8369 (Meera)

Lazer 911 Security is the preferred security services provider for the Hibiscus Coast Municipality. We undertake guarding, electronic monitoring, armed response, access control, CBD CCTV maintenance, alarm system maintenance enhanced and installations and a host of other security services for the Civic Centres and Town Halls, Libraries, Clinics, Museums, Fire Stations, Airports, Explosive Unit, Protection Services and various offices and structures for the Hibiscus Coast Municipality.


  • AIM Security Contact Number: 011 681 9700
  • ET Security Services Contact Number:  031 564 8500
  • Fidelity Security Services  Contact Number: 011 472 7509 (Mr. Rama)



We undertake monitoring, armed response, alarm installations and maintenance on a sub-contractor basis for the above national companies who have clients within our geographical area. The above is just a short list of many national companies whom we service and backup.


  • Bargain Wholesalers  Contact Number: 073 549 2922 (Security Manager: Teuns)


Bargain Wholesalers are reputably one of the largest supermarket wholesalers and retailers in the lower KZN and Eastern Cape Area. We monitor and respond to the various companies and premises within the Bargains Group of companies.



  • Bates Delta (General Motors Vehicle Dealership)  Contact Number: 039 682 0007 (Daya)
  • South Coast Herald Contact Number: 039 682 0155 (Bingo / Bevis)
  • Bulwer Vet Hospital Contact Number: 039 682 2522 (Doctor Norton)
  • Spendrite Supermarket Contact Number: 039 682 7093 (Ismail)
  • Payrite Supermarket Contact Number: 039 534 5232 (Nadeem)
  • Golden Glo (Pty) Ltd (Soap, Oil & Detergent Manufacturers)  Contact Number: 039 682 4507 (Mr Moosa)
  • Singtex Clothing Manufacturers  Contact Number: 039 685 4806 (Mr. Singh)
  • Moos's Supermarket Contact Number: 039 974 2024 (Mr. Moosa Manjara)
  • Department of Education  Contact Number: 039 688 8617 (Mr. Bus)
  • Home Affairs Port Shepstone  Contact Number: 039 688 2700 (Mr. Koetzee)
  • Department of Health  Contact Number: 039 688 3000 (Mr. TR Bilibana)


Our client base of many more high-profile business and individuals are an accolade which demonstrates Lazer's expertise and enhanced services